Scandal The People vs Olivia or the down fall of Olivia Pope

The first time I saw Olivia Pope she was strong black woman who would not let anyone get in her way,but as the seasons progress her character became complex like loving a married man to climbing to power and by season 7 she became the most powerful woman as the country even the world.

Now I wouldn’t knock a powerful woman,but along the way her humanity started to chip and all she wanted to do is too hold onto that power. A lot of that seem to do with her father who seem to kill her hopes and dreams along the way so much she was willing to kill her friend.

January 18th is going to be interesting.



Madea’s BOO 2

I saw the new Madea movie, and it was funny as usual from the beginning to the end .

I would like to say a few things I did not like about the movie:

-It felt repetitive to the first movie ;for example,Madea and Brian are both pranking the teenage kids.

-the constant cursing.

-some of the character seem like idiot.

-Brian has not evolved at all.

Despite the flaws,the movie is fantastic you should see it.

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Gotham season 4

Last summer I was watching  Gotham season 1-3 on Netflix and I found the show fascinating and season 4 is off to a fantastic start;especially, with the addition of Ra’s al Ghul and sofia Falcone.

Sofia Falcone is nothing like her father because her father had ruthlessness about him that made no one mess with him, but his daughter she has been sheltered her whole life she needs to be willing to get her hands dirty. I thought in episode 3 that she had that air of mystery and a air of power to her,but there is still time to evolve.

Ra’s al Ghul is fantastic and they cast the right actor, do not get me wrong I love Matt noble and Liam Nesson, but I have always wanted Ra’s to be middle eastern orgins and evoke that air of mystery and leadership I have been waiting to see and Siddig does that for me. Siddig’s Ra’s is a little crazy but that is ok.


I look forward to learning more about the season.

Scandal the Final Season

Let Me Begin by saying tonight’s episode was Crazy Twisty Good.


After five month of no Scandal, they are really going out on top  especially in the case of the characters

Characters: Cyrus is the one who shocked me the most tonight because he was actually fighting for the common man for free college education something I can tell you from personal experience this country needs and he did not betray Mellie this time maybe they can do some good for this ,but let’s not hold of our breath ladies and gentlemen this man has been willing to commit betrayal at a whim ( flashback to the end of 6×16).

Melle: Mellie is the first female president of the United States ,and in the beginning of the episode and she seem content with letting Olivia run the Oval. I am a little annoyed at this given that this is the same woman who committed a filibuster to keep Planned parenthood open, but Mellie balls came out a little bit when she was willing to make the tough decisions but she was only stomped on by Olivia come the end of the episode because she wants a monument.

Olivia:Olivia is the most powerful woman in the world right now but I believe that she will not be able to wear the white hat and red coat all at once it doesn’t work she need to chose a side. I look forward to Millie and Olivia bumping heads in next week episode.

let’s build a momunment

I hope you enjoy my review of the characters this season.



3 Reasons There is Hope for Humanity

I needed this

The Writer's Block

Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully everyone’s New Year’s Day hangover was within manageable limits, and hopefully you didn’t wake up in a jail cell.

So it’s now 2012, and if the internet is any judge, this is the year the world will end. We have until December 23rd before the entire world says “fuck it, I’m done.” and we all die a horrible, horrible death. But even if you don’t believe that, and I sincerely hope you don’t, sometimes it’s easy to simply look out the window and think humanity is doomed. Violence, poverty, hopelessness, and despair all seem to permeate the news. You can’t go two posts on the internet without running into someone posting “I’ve lost my faith in humanity”.

And if you can’t infer global trends from an internet forum, then the terrorists have won. 

Well take heart my dear readers, because there is hope for humanity, and it…

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People pleaser

I am sick of being a people pleaser especially toward my parents who always lay on the guilt trips every time I don’t do something that they don’t agree with for example, loaning them money whenever I ask for it back it is like going to war,and that is the list of hellish nightmare.