Month: April 2013


Hello Fellow Bloggers,

My graduation is fastly approaching and I feel like I am dying a little bit everyday,and I just can not believe college is all over. I have a plan work in my head on how I am going to handle the transition ,but I hope it works because sometimes every plan I try to put in place does not always work. School was something I was good at so now what.

I was wondering if any of you have any advice on to handling that transition?

thanks for reading




Shonda Rimes has definitely outdone herself when she created Scandal. Season one was appetizer but by season two has been a full blown course every single episode,and last night was no different.

Last night’s episode was entitled “Molly you’re in danger girl” which was about Olivia and her team trying to clear the CIA officer’s name while Fitz and Millie their relationship is the definition of a brand new low point in life; meanwhile, Jake and Olivia decides to take their relationship to the next level something that did not probably excite the scandal fans,but I am still holding out hope for an Olitz reunion to happen which did.

The biggest question now who is Albatross?

I have a few suspects in my money is still on Jake, I do not but that crap that he is trying to protect Olivia even a trained monkey could see that,but now he know about their secret relationship

I am fearful that it could be someone in the White House or even the president himself.

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First Post

Greeting fellow blogger,

My name is Marissa

I thought my first blog would be about getting ready to leaving college

When I was a little girl,my path of life was going to school from going to primary,secondary,and teritary. I am now about to finish school and let me be honest I do not know what I want to do with my Life. This really scares because everybody expect me to know what I am doing with my life,but I usually just take everything a step at a time. I guess that is something I am going to  do .

I would like to hear from some you and please offer some tips.