Month: June 2015

People pleaser

I am sick of being a people pleaser especially toward my parents who always lay on the guilt trips every time I don’t do something that they don’t agree with for example, loaning them money whenever I ask for it back it is like going to war,and that is the list of hellish nightmare.

Guilt trip By parents especially by mothers

On Sunday, my mum asked me for some money four hundred dollars and like a good child I gave it to her. She said that I would have money back to me by Friday ,and it is almost Friday still nothing. I try to ask for the money today and she reminds me of all the things that she has done for me. This is my car money so you what I don’t need endless guilt trip.

Any experiences I would like to hear back.


Sailor Moon crystal

At 24, I feel that my child has passed by so fast and I don’t feel ready for the big bad world then I discovered something from my childhood and that was sailor moon crystal.                                                                                                Sailor moon was a Japanese showthat ran from 1990s to 2000s,and it showed on American soil as a a English dub format as well. The American version was very good but sometimes cheesey with a little postive advice at the end of the episode , but I loved it anyway. Earlier tonight I discovered that they were doing a re telling of this show and my heart drop to my stomach and I felt that I got a piece of my childhood back and even though it is in Japanese with English subtitles;it still speaks to me in ways the old shows did.
If you are interesting in watching this log onto to and search sailor crystal moon.

Pleasing your parent

I am trying to write a blog to get my feelings out and I want to talk about pleasing my parents. I am twenty-four but unlike most twenty-four years old I have ended up stuck ,and I have become fed up with taking their advice all the time because of that I have put up an emotional wall between myself and them because I want to learn for myself. I hate that by doing this that I hurt my mum’s feelings by doing this but I learned that the art of compromise can be a good thing but by compromise because it makes her happy and I am happy somewhat.

not to get anyone wrong I have a choice but it is hard to say no to your own parents.

I feel like I am putting a brick wall between my parents

At this moment in my life, I feel trap and the two things I want more than anything is a car and friend and being around my parents all the time it is making me feel trap,and it is not their fault it is mine and life because I do not have the best luck at doing anything and if I do it ends being blown up in my face.

I don’t want take my parents advice all the time because I want to learn by myself and part me should just shut up and just listen to them.