3 Reasons There is Hope for Humanity

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The Writer's Block

Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully everyone’s New Year’s Day hangover was within manageable limits, and hopefully you didn’t wake up in a jail cell.

So it’s now 2012, and if the internet is any judge, this is the year the world will end. We have until December 23rd before the entire world says “fuck it, I’m done.” and we all die a horrible, horrible death. But even if you don’t believe that, and I sincerely hope you don’t, sometimes it’s easy to simply look out the window and think humanity is doomed. Violence, poverty, hopelessness, and despair all seem to permeate the news. You can’t go two posts on the internet without running into someone posting “I’ve lost my faith in humanity”.

And if you can’t infer global trends from an internet forum, then the terrorists have won. 

Well take heart my dear readers, because there is hope for humanity, and it…

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