Gotham season 4

Last summer I was watching  Gotham season 1-3 on Netflix and I found the show fascinating and season 4 is off to a fantastic start;especially, with the addition of Ra’s al Ghul and sofia Falcone.

Sofia Falcone is nothing like her father because her father had ruthlessness about him that made no one mess with him, but his daughter she has been sheltered her whole life she needs to be willing to get her hands dirty. I thought in episode 3 that she had that air of mystery and a air of power to her,but there is still time to evolve.

Ra’s al Ghul is fantastic and they cast the right actor, do not get me wrong I love Matt noble and Liam Nesson, but I have always wanted Ra’s to be middle eastern orgins and evoke that air of mystery and leadership I have been waiting to see and Siddig does that for me. Siddig’s Ra’s is a little crazy but that is ok.


I look forward to learning more about the season.


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